Sour cream

Organic Farm Milk

From animal welfare to additives, food produced to organic standards must be certified by law, so you can be assured that the final product.

Organic Farm Butter

Organic cows are truly free-range; they must have plenty of space, access to pasture when weather conditions permit, and spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Organic Farm Yogurt

Reducing stress and disease in dairy cows by giving them plenty of space and allowing them to behave naturally in a suitable environment means there is no need.

Organic Farm Sour Cream

Organic animals must be fed a natural and organic diet. For cows, this means a grass-rich diet.This helps minimise the risk of antimicrobial resistance and protect.

Organic Farm Cheese

The use of additives and processing aids is heavily restricted in organic products, and certified organic processed foods containing dairy must be made using methods.